Saturday, April 18, 2020

Covid Grocery Shopping Keeps Morphing

Again grocery shopping again shifts. I dare not use my phone in the store so I wasn't able to take any pictures.  I am still unable to go to my regular grocery Berkeley Bowl due to ungodly lines that snake around so I am relegated to the El Cerrito Trader Joe's. With enforced limits of 2 on most items, the shelves were more amply stocked at 11am. With the possible threat of fomite transmission- touching virus germ on packages, I need different protocol for bringing in groceries.

Grocery 64 hour quarantine

I took out the non fridge items to the workshop for a 3 day rest.  The latest reports indicate 24 hour survival for cardboard, 48 hours on metal and plastic so I'm giving it 3 days as extra precaution.  Refrigerated items I have placed in giant trash bags inside to segregate new items from old.  I wash my hands.
  • I wear winter gloves, and just throw them in the wash.
  • I leave my used latex glove in the car,  
I wear x-tra large shirt belonging to my husband so the longer sleeves sometimes comes in handy. I wonder if surface transmission really is possible because it would spread much more aggressively like Ebola if it were the case?