Sunday, January 10, 2016

On Not Winning the Lottery

More than half the population in the States probably awoke this morning with the lottery blues or billion dollar blue balls. I am sheepish to admit I bought tickets though I am not in need of such money. Though one buys tickets for a night of fantasy, I sadly realized none of my heart's true desires can be had for lottery winnings. 

1. I want to reverse aging and health conditions for loved ones.
2. I want to sprint like I used to. There is no turning back the clock.
3. I would love to talk to my grandmother again who passed more than a decade ago. 
4. I'd love the United States to become a less materialistic society where citizens toil less, buy less, and make time for themselves, friends, family and community.
5. I want to be a better poet.

I went to bed the night before the big drawing feeling a bit down I blew six dollars without the giddy high for mad riches.  Not to deny the power of cold hard cash which can solve a lot of problems, but when you have enough money for basics, you come to more problems money can't solve. And  common health problems with decent healthcare, one suffers equally middle class or billionaire.

Perhaps six dollars is not too high a price to realize more money won't truly improve my life. Such money will for certain ruin my treasured life of quiet contemplation. Anonymity is a type of freedom we do not appreciate. Perhaps you see this post as the smug ramblings of someone who already has too much although I'd like to think I strived and found happiness with what life has allotted me.

I'm glad I did not win- nobody would sincerely want to buy me lunch then.

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